How to Cancel an Orange Contract Phone

Updated February 21, 2017

Orange is a wireless phone provider in the United Kingdom. Many people who move from the United Kingdom to the United States opt to keep their Orange wireless service because of cheaper rates for calling back to the United Kingdom. However, if you want to cancel your Orange contract, you must follow the guidelines written in the contract you signed

Contact Orange Customer Service and give them 30-days notice of your intent to cancel your contract, if you have reached the minimum contract term (MCT). The MCT depends on the type of contract you signed. In most cases, the term is one year. If you reached your MCT, you do not have to pay additional charges.

Contact Orange customer service and advise the representative you want to cancel within your MCT, if you have not reached a full year. The representative will advise you on how much you owe to terminate your contract. For example, if you have three months left before you reach your MCT, the representative will charge you for all three months of service -- plus what you currently owe.

Make a payment with the representative over the phone for any charges incurred via a credit card, and they will terminate your services.


If you do not have your original contact that specifies the activation date and the date you reach your MCT, the representative will have the information for you.

Things You'll Need

  • Original contact (optional)
  • Credit card (optional)
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