How to Find Baby Raccoons for Sale

Pet raccoons are considered an exotic animal by most states; therefore, to own a raccoon, you may be required to obtain an exotic animal handlers license or permit. Be sure to check the exotic animal regulations in your state before buying a baby raccoon as a pet. Even with a permit, if you bring the baby raccoon in from out of state, the raccoon will need to have a health certificate and veterinary exam paperwork to enter the state.

Check online classified pet websites for baby raccoons for sale. In the search box on the website type in "baby raccoon." On Internet search engine websites, type in "baby raccoon for sale."

Search for any exotic animal sales being held in your area by looking through auction advertisements in your local paper or local livestock newspaper. Many livestock auctions that print newspapers also have an online version of their ads that you can look at online.

Network with exotic animal breeders and ask for a raccoon breeder they would recommend.

Place a "baby raccoon wanted" ad both online and in any local newspapers or livestock auction newspapers in your area.


Educate yourself on how to care for a baby raccoon and raccoon behaviours to be sure this is the right pet for you.


Breeders will require an upfront deposit to hold the baby raccoon of your choice until it is old enough to wean and come to its new home. Deposits on live animals are usually nonrefundable.

Things You'll Need

  • Exotic animal newspapers
  • Local newspapers
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