How to Install a UHF VHF TV Antenna Amplifer

Updated February 21, 2017

A UHF VHF TV antenna amplifier boosts terrestrial broadcasting signals so you get better picture quality. Antenna amplifiers are especially useful in rural or mountainous areas where TV reception may be poor and other delivery methods, such as cable service, are unavailable. The antenna amplifier connects between the antenna and your TV set with coaxial cables. You only need one additional cable if you already have an antenna connected to the TV.

Turn off power to the TV, and be sure the antenna amplifier is unplugged from the wall socket.

Unscrew the F-connector holding the antenna cable to the back of the TV, and pull the cable off the threaded jack.

Attach the cable to the input on the UHF VHF antenna booster, turning the F-connector clockwise on the cable connector.

Connect a second coaxial cable from the output jack on the antenna booster to the antenna jack on your TV.

Plug in the power cord for the antenna amplifier.Test for you improved, stronger TV signal.

Things You'll Need

  • coaxial cable
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