Directions on Tying a Trench Coat Belt

Humphrey Bogart quite possibly made the trench coat fashionable in the movie "Casablanca," and since then the trench has been used by both men and women as a style accessory as well as a coat. Trench coats can be styled with many outfits, including with dresses and heels, jumpsuits and trousers. The belt of a trench coat helps give you the look of a cinched waist and can be worn numerous ways, including knotted, buckled and loose with the ends tucked into the pockets. Find a belt style that makes you feel comfortable.

Double-knot the belt in the front and leave the ends hanging loose. The belt should dangle somewhat. This is a classic Burberry-style look for the trench coat belt, according to the Trench Coat Boutique website.

Tie the belt in a bow or half-bow. You may also leave the belt loose with the ends tucked into the pockets.

Knot the belt in the back of the coat. This method works well for when you want to leave the coat open, such as during warmer weather, but do not want the belt to be flailing around.


Try knotting the belt in the front with the coat open somewhat. Consider your clothes, shoes and accessories when styling a trench coat. If the coat is a muted colour, for example, try pairing it with a bright scarf or top. Replace the cloth belt with a cinched one and add shoes that match your belt to wear the trench as a dress.

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