How to connect an IP camera to a computer

Updated April 17, 2017

An IP camera, or Internet protocol camera or network camera, is used for surveillance. It is connected to a computer over a network, showing in real time whatever the camera sees. Once all the connections are made and the provided software is installed, the IP camera is ready to use.

Place the camera in the desired area. Ensure that a plug socket is within reach.

Install the network switch using the provided installation disc. Connect the Ethernet cable from the Internet router to the switch when prompted.

Connect the IP camera's AC adaptor to a power source. Install the IP camera drivers and software on your computer using the provided installation disc. When promped, connect the other Ethernet cable from the network switch to the camera.

Assign an IP address to the camera when prompted. To do this, use the software downloaded from the installation CD.

Open the assigned IP address in a Web browser. When prompted, download the software needed to control the camera.

Things You'll Need

  • Ethernet cable x2
  • Network switch
  • Internet router
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