How to hide the wiring for a TV in a wall

Many TV stands and entertainment centres have spaces for hiding the wires of your TV and other electronics. If you choose to mount a flat-screen TV on a wall in your living room or home theatre room, but want to plug the television into a regular wall outlet, the wires must stretch down the wall between the two units. If you prefer not to see these wires, you can hide the wiring for the TV inside the wall.

Place a drill bit onto the drill large enough to create a hole that the TV plug fits through. In many cases, you will need to create a hole that is 1 to 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Drill a hole into the wall directly behind the TV mount.

Drill a second hole into the wall near the electrical socket or the electronics that you want to plug the TV wires into. Do not drill too close to the outlet, as you may hit wires. If you don't mind the wires stretching along the baseboard of the room, you can create the second hole near the baseboard directly below the first hole.

Tie a long piece of string to a fishing weight. Hold onto the string and drop the fishing weight through the top hole that you created behind the TV mount. Make sure a length of string remains hanging from the top hole.

Use a pair of pliers to straighten out a wire hanger and create a narrow hook at the end. Feed the wire hanger into the hole at the bottom of the wall, hook the string and pull the hanger out of the wall with the string.

Tape the top of the string hanging out of the top hole to the TV wires. Pull the string gently through the bottom hole to pull the TV wires through the top hole, through the wall and out the bottom hole.

Plug the end of the TV wires into the appropriate electronics. Plug the electrical cord into the electrical socket.

Things You'll Need

  • Drill and drill bit
  • String
  • Thin fishing weight
  • Wire hanger
  • Pliers
  • Masking tape
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