How to Make a Crossbow Target Out of Phone Books

Updated March 23, 2017

Crossbow shooting can be a fun recreational activity for the outdoor enthusiast. You can create your own crossbow target with ease by using some phone books. This will allow you to hone up on your accuracy skills in a safe manner. The process for making the phone book target should take you less than one hour to complete. Afterward, you can begin your target practice. Phone books work well because they have high density and weight to them; as such, the target should be pretty durable.

Stack the phone books on top of one another. You can make a crossbow target of whatever height you desire. Generally, a target less than a couple of feet high will not satisfy you. Aim for at least 4 feet. Gather as many phone books as you need to reach that mark.

Wrap the phone books in duct tape. You can start by taping series of two or three phone books together. Simply wrap the tape fully around the phone books in a 360-degree manner. Make sure the books can't move. Make them secure. Next, you can tape the tri-phone book blocks together.

Tape the target paper to the face of the phone book wall. Use tape on all four sides of the target paper. This will secure the paper in place. You can now shoot your crossbow at your phone book target.

Things You'll Need

  • Phone books
  • Target paper
  • Duct tape
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