How to Update the Toyota Prius Navigation System

Updated July 20, 2017

The Toyota Prius navigation system integrates the car's internal GPS signal with its map information. The GPS pinpoints the coordinates of the car, then the map associates the coordinates with the street, general area and point of interest information. The map information is the source of turn-by-turn driving instructions. Changing road conditions, or changes in street names and updates of structures require the map to be updated yearly to maintain up-to-date accuracy of the Prius' navigation system.

Press the "Info-Phone" button located on the right side of the navigation screen display. Touch the "Map Data" icon on the "Information" touchscreen.

Find the map version number and write it down. This number is displayed at the top of the "Map Data" screen.

Call your Toyota dealership to inquire about updates that have been made to the maps since the DVD version you possess was made. Yearly updates to the navigation system DVD maps may not reflect significant changes in your particular area. Updating the navigation DVD is optional if this is the case, and you can safely save the expense of the upgrade if you desire.

Press the "Info-Phone" button on the right side of the navigation screen display. Tap the "Map Data" icon on the Information screen.

Tap the "Eject DVD" icon in the bottom left corner of the "Map Data" screen. Wait until the screen automatically slides down and out of view, and the CD and DVD slots are visible. If the navigation DVD does not eject, push down and hold the "Close" button on the upper left side of the navigation panel for five seconds. This troubleshoots and ejects the discs from both the DVD and CD drives. Remove the ejected navigation DVD, and insert the new navigation DVD into the DVD slot with its label side up.

Press the "Close" button on the upper left side of the navigation panel.

Things You'll Need

  • Updated DVD of map information
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