How to Change My 4 Digit Combo Lock

Written by johnathan micah | 13/05/2017
How to Change My 4 Digit Combo Lock
Resetting the combination to your 4-digit combo lock requires the current combination. (Combination lock set to 2008 image by palmer530 from

Combination locks with four digits are commonly used by bicyclists to secure their bike while not in use. The lock is usually attached to a long cable and is used to tether the bicycle to a sturdy object, such as a pole or bike rack. In order to change the combination, you must first enter the original combination.

Dial the current combination and open the lock. Make sure the lock handle is pulled all the way open.

Depress the lock's "reset" mechanism. On some locks, this may require you to use a provided resetting tool.

Turn the four combination wheels to the new combination. Remove the reset tool or depress the reset mechanism to confirm the new combination.

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