How to Recover Deleted Files on My Blackberry Memory

Written by ezekiel james | 13/05/2017
How to Recover Deleted Files on My Blackberry Memory
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The BlackBerry is a popular smart phone manufactured by Research in Motion (RIM). Your BlackBerry device has the ability to store and save diverse types of data. Whether its a picture, Microsoft Word document, text message or e-mail, your BlackBerry stores this data to your device's internal memory card, or the removable microSD card included with the phone. However, these files can also be deleted, sometimes by accident. Fortunately, BlackBerry provides a method to recover these deleted files.

Power on your BlackBerry phone and your personal computer. Connect the BlackBerry to your PC via the USB data cable that came with your device. Wait a few seconds for Windows to recognise your device.

Click on the "Start" menu button and go to "All Programs" and select the "BlackBerry" folder in the list of programs. Scroll down and select "BlackBerry Desktop Manager" in the drop-down menu.

Scan the list of files in the restore window. Each deleted item will have a corresponding date. Select the file you want to restore. To select multiple files, click on one file, and hold down the "CTRL" key. Click on the other individual files you want to restore while pressing the "CTRL" key. Click on the "restore" button followed by the "Yes" button to begin the restoration process. This process may take several minutes, depending on how many files you are restoring to your BlackBerry.

Things you need

  • USB cable

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