How to Register Bose Headphones

Updated March 18, 2017

Registering your electronic products online will help to ensure that your products are covered under warranty and that you will be notified of any recalls. Every electronic product comes with a form in the package that can be filled out and mailed back to the company. You can often now register these products through the company website as well. Bose headphones can easily be registered through the Bose website.

Go to the Bose website and click the "Support" tab.

Click on the "Product registration" link located beneath the "Product help" menu.

Choose your headphones model from the list. There are several different categories of headphones underneath the headphones heading, and each category contains several different models. Be sure you pick the correct one.

Find the product serial number. This 17-character number is a combination of letters and numbers. You will find it on either the back or the bottom of the headphone packaging.

Fill out the registration form. The model you selected on the previous page will automatically fill in. You will need to fill in the headphones' serial number as well as your name, address and phone number. Required fields are marked by an asterisk.

Click "Register my product" at the bottom of the form. This will complete your registration.


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