How to Install an FSA Gossamer Crankset

Updated November 21, 2016

The FSA, short for "Full Speed Ahead," manufacturers various performance-oriented bicycle components. The FSA Gossamer crank is comprised of a pair of crank arms, sprockets and a spindle. The crank comes in two pieces, with the right, or drive side, crank containing the sprockets and spindle. The FSA Gossamer crank is installed through the bottom bracket at the bottom of the bicycle frame. The bottom bracket contains external bearings and a hollow tube to accommodate the Gossamer crank spindle.

Slide one of two o-rings included with the FSA Gossamer crank over the drive side crank arm spindle. Push the o-ring all the way down to the end of the spindle.

Fit the spindle through the right, or drive side, bottom bracket bearing. The bearing, threaded into the side of the bottom bracket shell, resembles a doughnut.

Slide the second o-ring over the tip of the spindle. Push it down as far as it will go.

Apply bicycle grease directly to the threads of the FSA Gossamer crank fixing bolt threads and washer. The one bolt included with the crank, the fixing bolt joins the two sides of the crank. The fixing bolt includes a single washer.

Fit the left crank arm onto the end of the spindle. Pass the fixing bolt through the washer, and screw the fixing bolt into the centre of the left crank arm by hand.

Tighten the fixing bolt fully, using an 8mm Allen wrench.

Things You'll Need

  • 8mm Allen wrench
  • Bicycle grease
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