Troubleshooting a JVC DVD Player

Written by patrick nelson | 13/05/2017
Troubleshooting a JVC DVD Player
Clean the disc if picture playback quality is poor. (dvd image by dinostock from

The JVC company is part of the Victor Company of Japan and is notable for its invention and development of the VHS video cassette, a medium that revolutionised home entertainment by providing broadcast television time-shifting and movie rentals. JVC still offers home entertainment products and includes DVD players in its line-up. Problems with JVC DVD players can include no picture, no sound, poor picture or poor sound.

Load the DVD player with a disc, if the power is on but the DVD player doesn't work. Look at the player's display panel for a DVD or CD indicator, which is lit if the disc works.

Turn on the television and set the input on the television to accept a signal from the JVC DVD player if there's no DVD output. Look for a button labelled "Input" or "Source" or similar and press it to toggle through the options until the DVD source appears on the screen.

Plug in and tighten the connections on the back of the DVD player, the television and any amplifier, if there's no picture or sound. Plug the DVD player's outputs into the amplifier's inputs. Then plug the amplifier's outputs into the television's inputs. Sometimes the amplifier is called a receiver.

Wipe the disc with a soft cloth and discard any discs with obvious scratches if the disc is scratched and it won't play, if the picture quality is poor. Place the disc in the slot label-side up.

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