How to Troubleshoot a Samsung DVD-R155

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The DVD-R155 is a DVD recorder manufactured by Samsung. If you're having problems using the DVD-R155 due to technical issues, troubleshooting may be necessary. The Samsung DVD-R155's instruction manual includes a detailed section for troubleshooting.

This section of the manual includes troubleshooting help for video, audio, power, recording, playback, HDMI, remote control and timer recording problems.

Open the Samsung DVD-R155's instruction manual to page 67. If you don't have the physical instruction manual, see the References for an online version.

Read the troubleshooting section's headings and determine which section applies to the problem you're experiencing. For example, if you're unable to hear sound while playing a DVD, the troubleshooting guide's "Sound" section is more likely to have a solution than the "Power" section.

Read through the applicable section's various "Checkpoints" and determine which sounds the most like your problem. Perform the action specified in that "Checkpoint." For instance, the "Sound" sections third "Checkpoint" asks you to take your disc out of the DVD-R155 and see if the disc is scratched, cleaning it if it is.

Determine if performing the instructions specified in the "Checkpoint" have solved the problem. If not, try the other "Checkpoints" in that section. Using the same example, if cleaning the disc hasn't fixed your lack of audio, follow "Checkpoint 2" to ensure all of the audio connections and settings are properly configured.