How to Refill an LPG Gas Cylinder

Updated April 17, 2017

Many families enjoy the use of gas grills for meals and entertaining. Gas grills are typically fuelled by propane cylinders or tanks, but these may run out of propane. To avoid a disappointing cookout, keep a close watch on the propane tank and refill it before it runs out and ruins an event. Propane cylinders should be refilled at propane filling locations by trained professionals.

Inspect the cylinder for the water capacity (WC). This indicates the amount of water the tank can hold in lbs. Also look for the "tare weight" which is the weight of the empty tank.

Convert the water capacity to lbs. of propane using the cylinder filling chart.

Add the amount of propane in lbs. to the tare weight of the cylinder for the total weight of the cylinder when it is filled. Set the weight on the scale.

Attach the hose end nozzle to the cylinder. Open the bleeder valve and reset the meter.

Pump propane into the cylinder.

Stop the pump if the bleeder valve begins to spew liquid, when the scale indicates that the legal filling capacity for the cylinder has been reached or when the Overfill Protection Device (OPD) valve stops the flow of propane into the cylinder.

Close the bleeder valve and disconnect the hose.


The individual refilling an LPG cylinder will inspect the tank for excessive rust or damage prior to refilling. LPG cylinders should be recertified 12 years from the manufacture date and every five years after that.


Filling of a propane cylinder should be done only by someone who is trained to do so at a cylinder refilling station.

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