How to Make Your Own Digital Radio

Updated April 17, 2017

Internet radio has allowed amateur music lovers to create their own digital radio and run their own music stations. With a digital music provider account, you can upload songs into an online playlist and provide listeners with interesting content. Many software providers allow for live broadcasting and podcasting in a professional radio format. Become a radio producer in your spare time with minimal equipment and software.

Search for a digital music service provider over the Internet based on amount of "air time" required, format of music files required and software tools available. Internet music radio sites such as charge a monthly account fee for service.

Download and install the appropriate software to connect to the digital radio Internet account.

Sort and organise digital music files by genre, artist or random arrangement.

Log in to your digital music account online. Upload the files in the correct format to the digital radio website. Some services allow for the use of voice files and live broadcasting from a computer.

Arrange files into an online playlist. Set up repeat play to prevent having dead space while on the air.

Things You'll Need

  • Digital music files
  • Digital radio service provider account
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