How to Take Seats Out of a VW

Updated April 17, 2017

The VW has been a very popular vehicle over the years. There are many classic VWs on the road today. The longevity of the vehicle leads to many restoration or repair projects. Taking the seats out of a VW is one of the projects that is common and very easy. The seats may also need to be removed to give room to do other projects such removing the steering column. This is one of those projects that can be done by yourself, but having a helper can make things easier.

Slide the seat to the farthest back position by pulling the adjustment lever located under the front of the seat. Locate and disconnect the wire harnesses. They usually can be disconnected using your fingers, a small flathead screwdriver can be used to lift the small clip on the harness.

Reaching under the seat, remove the two front bolts from the brackets holding the seat to the floor by using a socket and ratchet.

Pull the seat forward to the front most setting by pulling the adjustment lever and pushing the seat forward. If the seat is rusted and in an a older car with one driver that never adjusted the seat, have the helper sit in the back seat and push with their feet on the seat as you pull the lever.

Remove the rear bolts from the rear bracket using the socket and ratchet.

Move the seat to the farthest rear position.

Locate the retaining bolts on the slider track that the seat moves on. Remove the bolts.

Locate and remove the spring tensioner that holds the seat into position. It is connected to the mechanism that moves when the adjustment lever is moved.

Push the seat forward and off the track by sitting in the back seat and pushing with your feet.

Lift the seat out of the vehicle.

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