How to Activate Visual Voicemail on the iPhone

Updated April 17, 2017

One of the most intriguing iPhone features is its Visual Voicemail interface. Unlike regular voice mail, Visual Voicemail appears instantly when you tap the voice mail icon. iPhone owners do not have to make special phone calls to retrieve voice mail. They simply scroll through a list of messages and tap the ones they want to hear. Before using Visual Voicemail, you must activate it.

Locate the Visual Voicemail icon on your iPhone screen.

Tap the icon, and then click "Setup Now." The phone will display a text box and prompt you for a password.

Think of a password, and type it using the iPhone keyboard. The password must be four to 15 characters long.

Tap "Save." The iPhone will prompt you to re-enter the password.

Re-enter the password, and click "Save" again to continue. The phone will ask if you want to create a custom greeting or use the default message.

Proceed to step 7 if you want to set up a custom greeting. If you choose not to create a custom message, the Visual Voicemail set-up will be complete.

Tap "Custom," and then tap "Record." The iPhone will prompt you to record a voice greeting.

Tap "Stop" when done, and tap "Play" to play back the greeting. If you do not like the greeting, repeat this step until you record an acceptable greeting.

Click "Save" to save the greeting. The iPhone will activate Visual Voicemail.

Tap your iPhone's "Home" icon, and then tap "Keypad." The iPhone will display its keyboard.

Tap the "1" key and hold it. The phone will contact AT&T and play an automated message. The phone will prompt you to type a password.

Think of a password between four and 15 characters in length and type it using the keyboard The phone will then ask you to record a greeting or use the default greeting.

Follow the instructions and set up a voice greeting.

Click "Disconnect" to end the phone call. The iPhone will display a "Password Incorrect--Enter voicemail password" message.

Type the password you created and click "OK." The iPhone will activate Visual Voicemail.


If you ever need to change or reset your Visual Voicemail password, visit the AT&T website for assistance (See Resources).

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