How to Check Minutes on an O2 Contract

Updated November 21, 2016

O2 Wireless is a mobile telephone service provider that offers pay-as-you-go solutions without a contract. O2 Wireless service began in parts of Europe, such as the UK, and has recently reached the United States as well. There are a few ways to check the balance of unused minutes you have remaining on your O2 account. When you run low, you can buy more minutes online and at some ATM or cash machine locations.

Click "View Mobile Bill/Balance" under the "My O2" section of the O2 website. Sign in, or create a login on the next screen, to view your minute balance. This is not the most reliable method as it can be behind on updating your balance.

Send a blank text to 21202. You will receive a response showing the current available minutes on your O2 contract. If you are unable to send a blank text, send the word "balance" in the body of the text. This is the most reliable method for checking your minute balance. As of December 2010, there is no charge to check your balance with this text option.

Reset the timer on your phone at the start of each billing month or each time you add minutes to your phone. Checking the Timers section of your phone will provide you with your total minutes usage, which you can subtract from the minutes you had at the start of the cycle.

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