How to Print on Pre-Folded Paper

Updated February 21, 2017

Pre-folded paper, also know as pre-scored paper, permits card stock or brochures to be folded with ease. Pre-folded paper contains creases on the surface of the paper, which lets the person printing identify what areas are safe for text, and where the folds should occur. Pre-folded paper is recommended for use with specific inkjet printer models such as those made by Canon and Hewlett Packard, as indicated on the package. Heavier card stock pre-scored paper prints best on laser printers.

Open the brochure or card document file in the program it was created in. Upon opening, set the printer's settings to fit the dimensions of the pre-folded paper that will be used. This can be found under the "File" option in the toolbar and then "Printer Settings" in the options list. Click on the "Page Setup" tab, and choose the paper type from the "Page Size" section in the window. Click "OK."

Place the pre-scored paper into the printer's paper feeder, with the exterior face of the paper facing in the printing direction. The exterior face of the paper has a dipped crease, while the interior face has a raised line. Place three to five sheets into the tray at one time to prevent paper jams, and adjust the tray guides to fit the paper.

Print the text on the exterior face of the pre-folded paper. Select "File" followed by "Print" from the toolbar. Enter the number of sheets that will be printed in the "Copies" box, or nudge the arrow to increase the copy amount. Click on the "Print" button to begin printing.

Flip the pre-scored card over, if the double printing feature is unavailable in the printer options, and print on the interior face of the paper. Re-insert the cards into the paper tray facing in the printing direction. Select "File," and then "Print" once again. Enter the number of copies being printed in the "Copies" box, and press "Print."

Fold the card on the indicated crease lines. This can be done by hand, without the use of a bone folder, by using the pre-folded lines as a guide. A bone folder is a card crafting tool that permits score lines to be made and cards to be folded accurately after folding by hand.

Things You'll Need

  • Ink jet printer
  • Laser printer
  • Document file
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