How to Make Stickers for Poker Chips

trio of poker chip stacks image by Margaret M Stewart from

Whether you're a professional poker player or you're simply interested in creating a custom-designed set of poker chips, you can create custom stickers for your poker chips using the Internet or any other local printing company.

Some websites online offer deals on bulk and wholesale orders for premade designs, while some offer complete customisation and personalised, uploaded graphics to be printed on the poker chips.

Determine the amount of labels you need and the number of poker chips you want to have stickers and labels printed for before visiting a local printing shop or website. Also, be sure to determine the size of the poker chip stickers you need. Generally, by default most poker chips accept 1-inch round stickers, though some sets may require a smaller size. If you are unsure, research the poker chip company to find out specific sizes of the poker chips they provide.

Create the graphic or design that you would like to have printed on your poker chips. This design can be created using a graphics program such as Adobe Photoshop. Alternatively, you can also use a local graphic design and printing company to choose labels and designs for you. These companies can also create custom designs and labels to fit your company and your label preferences.

Choose the company website that you would like to use for creating your poker chip labels and stickers. Most poker sticker websites allow users to upload their customised graphics for printing, however, many of them already offer libraries of stickers and premade poker sticker designs. Select the sticker you would like to use (or upload your file) and choose the amount of stickers you need printed. Enter payment information (on a safe and secure website) and submit your order for printing and shipping. Alternatively, you can also take a USB drive with your labels and sticker designs to a local printing company if you prefer to have your poker chip stickers printed near you and in person.