Advantages & Disadvantages of Customer Comment Cards

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It's often hard to understand what customers truly think of the service they receive, especially when managers run their business from "behind the scenes." While customers often refuse to complete drawn out surveys, comment cards allow information to be easily obtained through a series of short questions.


Make customers aware that comment cards are available. If running a brick and mortar business, place comment cards at the front of the building and next to the cash register. It may also be an idea to hand them out with purchases, especially when operating a business online.


The main advantage of comment cards is that you can gain vital information for improving future business practices. If promptness appears to be a problem in the eyes of several customers, make sure it is addressed immediately. Customer comment cards can also be a vital tool for marketing research. Customers may wish to see more of a particular product or service, and this can be arranged accordingly.


There are also several disadvantages to using customer comment cards. If incentives are provided as a means of persuading customers to complete the cards, then inaccurate information may be provided as a result. Customers may also fail to understand what certain questions mean, so they should be clear and concise.