How to print powerpoint slides on index cards

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Often while giving a PowerPoint presentation, it helps to have notes in front of you so that you know what is coming up on the next slide. You can print out the slides onto full pages, but these can be troublesome and look unprofessional. Having a small stack of index cards in front of you is much more manageable. While PowerPoint does not allow printing directly to index cards, it is possible to use it in tandem with a word processing program to print the cards you need.

Open the PowerPoint document you wish to convert to index cards. Click File > Save As.

Select JPG or PNG in the file types menu within PowerPoint.

Save each slide as a separate image.

Open a word-processing program.

Set up the page according to the directions on the print-at-home index cards. Many brands have templates that can be accessed through Tools > Labels. Some, however, must be set up manually.

In each index card field, insert a slide image. Adjust the image size within the field to your needs. Print the cards.

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