Classic Car Stereo Installation

Updated July 20, 2017

Why waste your money on installing a classic car stereo by a professional when you can do it yourself. Read over these steps carefully and you will learn how to quickly and easily install your own classic car stereo and enjoy the ride.

Remove the previous wires and plug in the Crutchfield harness. Your installation time will be saved with the help of the wiring harness. Join the colour coded harness wires to the wires from your aftermarket system. Once this has been done, you are now ready to begin the next step in the installation process.

Attach the grey speaker positive wire to the Black/Gray negative one. Then you will want to similarly attach the white to black/white and red 12 volts to yellow. 12 volts will be on the negative side. After this, you will want to slide the new stereo steel on the sleeve (if included) in the kit. Lock the metal sleeve with a screwdriver - by doing this it will bend the steel tabs of the sleeve in the exact place. This is very important as it will make your stereo wires sturdier.

Attach your new stereo stable stream of recollection leads to a relentless power source, so you lose your stereo preset. Sound forming and timepiece settings will always turn off the appliance. For the new stereo installation the mounting kit is required. You will slide the new sleeve into the case and connect the wires to the adaptor. Once the aperture line is ready for a new stereo, clasp it close to the opening. Connect the wiring harness vehicle stereo adaptor and attach the antenna cable.

Power your car stereo on by turning your vehicle on and make sure that the sound is working properly. You should never make permanent connections until you are 100% satisfied with the audio output of your new classic car stereo.


Always remember, never work on your cars electrical system if its ground wire is connected to the power source. The colours of factory wires may not match with stereo wiring but the stereo adaptor wiring must match with new system wiring colours.


Never have your vehicle turned on while installing any type of steroe equipment, as doing so could injure yourself or someone around you.

Things You'll Need

  • Flat Blade
  • Screwdriver
  • Panel Tool/ Retaining Clip Remover
  • Wire Cutters
  • DIN Tools
  • Soldering iron
  • Mounting kit
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