How to Assemble Multi-Station Gyms

Updated June 13, 2017

Multi-station gyms allow users to exercise effectively using resistance training. Parts include weights, resistance cables, arm press, leg extensions, leg press and more. The gym's different stations provide various exercises for different body parts. Due to the many stations and exercise variations of the equipment, the set-up is a lengthy process and requires numerous pieces and assembly parts to put together.

Refer to the specific assembly steps as specified in your multi-station gym's manual to avoid possible damage.

Gather all the hardware and organise by laying all items out. Multi-station gyms consist of many parts, extensions and stacks. Expect plenty of hardware and avoid losing parts by keeping all materials organised. These may include bolts, washers, attachment clips, screws, nuts and pull pins.

Assemble the multi-station gym, starting with the base. The base support for your home gym may include a press arm foot, press arm floor support and the main centre unit, which needs to be set up upright, using the functional arm floor for support. Attach together using hardware like bolts and flat washers.

Attach other parts like the block bearings, leg press foot, foot plate, leg press swing arm and leg curl post. Place the weight stack bumpers over the weight stack support blocks along with the guide rods and rubber weight plates. Depending on the style model of your multi-station gym, weight stacks can be as many as 20 pieces.

Connect all the cables and the pulleys and route the cables through the pulleys in the order as specified by your home gym manual. Reattach all slotted bolts and nuts to the end of the cables, and make sure you tighten all pulley bolts.

Slide all the station posts into designated tubes by inserting and tightening all set screws. Bolt and secure the seat back and seat bottom for the press arm and leg press stations.

Complete your set-up by inserting and attaching all final parts such as the knee pad post, press arm seat back post, press arm seat back support and handlebars.

Things You'll Need

  • Multi-station gym assembly parts
  • Hardware -- e.g., bolts, nuts and washers
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