How to Test a Canon PIXMA iP4300

Updated February 21, 2017

You're probably aware that the Microsoft Windows operating system includes an option to print a test page from any installed printer, including the Canon PIXMA iP4300. What you might not know is that you can trigger your Canon PIXMA iP4300 printer to print a test page without being connected to your computer. This test page function is handy when you want to quickly test the printer without having to install the drivers or printing software.

Turn the printer off, if necessary, but leave it plugged into an electrical socket.

Hold down both the "Resume" and "Power" buttons for five seconds.

Release the "Resume" button, but continue holding down the "Power" button, then press the "Resume" button twice in rapid succession.

Release both buttons. This puts the Canon PIXMA iP4300 into diagnostic mode.

Press the "Resume" button, then press the "Power" button to print out a test page. This page contains simple diagnostic information about the printer settings and uses all of the ink cartridges.

Press the "Power" button to return the printer to normal or "printing" mode.

Click the "Start" menu button, then click "Control Panel."

Click "Hardware and Sound," then click "Printers."

Right-click on the Canon PIXMA iP4300 printer icon and click "Properties."

Click the "General" tab. Click the "Print Test Page" button, then click "OK" to print the test page.

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