How to Install Bucket Seats

Written by marlon trotsky | 13/05/2017
How to Install Bucket Seats
Bucket seats are typically more comfortable than factory seats. (car open image by buddelchen from

If you've noticed the factory seats in your car showing some wear and tear, you may want to think about replacing them with bucket seats. Before you do anything, however, take some measurements to see if the new seats have similar dimensions. As a general rule, the new seat should be no more than an inch or two wider than your old seat. If the colour of your new seats doesn't match the vehicle interior you may have to swap out the seat covers.

Remove the factory seat by loosening the bolts that secure it to the floor using a socket wrench. Lift the old seat out of the vehicle.

Place the bucket seats into the space that held the old seat. Some of the holes in the bucket seat may not align with the bolt holes in the floor. This shouldn't a problem, but you will have to drill new holes.

Take the seat back out of the vehicle. Mark the spots on the carpet where the holes on the seat don't line up with holes in the floor.

Drill new holes in the marked areas, then place the seat back into the vehicle and install the bolts through the floor using washers and nuts.

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