How to rotate a screen on a phone

Updated July 20, 2017

Screen rotation on a mobile phone allows you to see the screen right side up no matter what position you have the device in. Some phones require you to enter a code to rotate the screen, while others have an automatic screen-rotation feature. While these phones usually have automatic screen rotation turned on by default, you may find that it has been disabled and you need to turn it back on before the screen rotates.

Enter "*#5512#" on the keypad to rotate the screen to the right.

Enter "*#5513#" on the keypad to turn the screen upside down.

Enter "*#5514#" on the keypad to turn the screen left.

Enter "*#5511#" on the keypad to return the screen to normal.

Double click the "Home" button.

Swipe right until you get to the last set of icons in the multitasking bar (you know it is the last set when the "Play/Pause" and "Skip" buttons for iPod or Pandora appear).

Look for the icon that looks like a circular arrow and tap it. Screen rotation is enabled, meaning the screen rotates when you switch the iPhone's position.

Tap the "Menu" key and choose "Settings."

Choose "Display."

Check the "Auto-rotate screen" option.


Write the Nokia codes down and keep them where you can easily find them.

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