DIY Replacement Settee Covers

Updated February 21, 2017

You can give your settee a new lease of life by replacing its old, damaged or worn out covers. It is possible to replace them yourself using a new stretch of fabric and basic sewing skills. As a result, you save money, and learn a new way of rejuvenating your home. The task is easily completed in an afternoon, and you do not need help from anybody else. A simplified, DIY way of replacing the covers is by making a settee wrap.

Remove the old settee covers, and throw them away.

Measure the body length of the sofa. Hold the measuring tape level with the floor at the back of the sofa. Stretch the tape over the settee, so that it is then level with the floor in front. Take the body width, by measuring the distance between the armrests. Write these measurements down.

Cut one large rectangle of fabric that will run across the body length of the sofa. The fabric will measure body length x body width + 12 inches. This extra 12 inches allows for a hem, and tucking the material between the cushions so it stays on the settee.

Obtain the length of the armrest by measuring from the floor (at the side of the settee), over the arm to the point where it meets the cushions. Then, get the horizontal width of the armrest, by measuring along the top of the armrest, from the front to the back of the settee.

Cut two identical rectangles of fabric to cover each of the armrests. The fabric will need to measure: armrest width x armrest length + 12 inches.

Create an underlay for the settee. Get a rectangle of fabric that is big enough to cover the whole of the settee, and is level with the floor. Use the body length, armrest length and armrest width to calculate this. Choose a fabric that matches the top layers of fabric.

Hem all the pieces of fabric so that the edges are neat, professional and will not fray over time. Sew them by hand or use a sewing machine.

Place the underlay over the settee and tuck the excess fabric between the cushions so that it stays in place.

Position the armrest wrap. Tuck one end of the fabric between the cushion and armrest, and then drape the rest of the length of fabric over the side of it. If it is too long, simple tuck more in between the cushions. Do this for both armrests.

Drape the larger rectangle of fabric over the body of the settee. Place it from the floor behind the settee, over the back of it, across the cushion and then allow it to fall so that it touches the floor in front. Tuck the fabric in between the cushions and the back of the settee, so that it holds in place.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Fabric
  • Sewing machine
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