How to Increase the Bass for a Bose CineMate

Updated July 20, 2017

A great home theatre audio system helps to reproduce the experience of a cinema right in your living room. A main difference between a low-end and a high-end audio system is bass frequency response. You can tailor your Bose CineMate to deliver a wide spectrum of bass sounds--you just need to know how to properly adjust the unit's equalisation controls. Once you make a few adjustments, your CineMate will pump bass just like a cinema sound system.

Identify your Bose CineMate's subwoofer unit. This is generally called the "Acoustimass" module.

Power off your CineMate system. Working with live electronics can lead to injury from electrocution.

Find the round knob on the back of the subwoofer labelled "Bass control." Turn the knob clockwise to increase bass levels.

Navigate to your television's settings menu. Note that you may need a remote control to access the settings menu on some televisions.

Locate the menu that controls audio output. This will be labelled "Audio Output," "Equalization" or something similar.

Increase the "Bass" setting from the audio output menu.

Obtain a hardware equaliser. An equaliser allows you to control the levels of individual sound frequencies.

Follow the cables leading from the "Audio Out" connections on the back of your television to the "Audio In" connections on the back of your home audio receiver. Disconnect the cables from the "Audio In" connections.

Connect these cables to the "Audio In" connections on the back of your equaliser.

Obtain audio cables capable of connecting your equaliser to your audio system receiver. These will most likely be RCA cables with yellow, white or red shields.

Plug one end of the audio cables into the "Audio Out" connections on the back of your equaliser. Plug the other end into the "Audio In" connections on the back of your audio system receiver.

Adjust equalisation levels as necessary. Turning up frequencies around 80 Hz will boost bass levels. Decreasing levels above 2000 kHz will decrease treble and increase bass clarity.


Always use high-quality audio cables to connect your Bose CineMate with other devices. Low-quality cables degrade audio signals and lead to lower bass levels.


Setting bass levels too loud can damage both your equipment and your hearing. Increase bass levels in small increments to avoid adverse effects.

Things You'll Need

  • Television remote control
  • Hardware equaliser
  • Audio cables
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