How to install a wind deflector

Written by geeta galaway | 13/05/2017
How to install a wind deflector
Wind deflectors keep rain out of your car. (raindrops on the window image by Irina Kodentseva from

Installing wind deflectors is a great way to keep unwanted rain, debris and whipping wind from entering your vehicle windows while they are open. Having the windows comfortably open more frequently will reduce air conditioning use and increase your gas mileage. Wind deflectors are an inexpensive way to reduce the damage done by debris hitting your vehicle at high speeds. Deflectors must be matched to your specific vehicle's make and model.

Do a trial fitting to ensure the equipment purchased fits your window. This is done by holding the wind deflector up to your window to see if it is the correct size and shape.

Roll the window down all the way.

Use an alcohol pad or glass cleaner to clean the contact area and allow it to dry. The contact area is the rubber channelling where the glass meets while the window is in the closed position.

Apply the adhesive promoter that came with the wind deflector to any places where the wind deflector will be making a connection.

Determine what end goes toward the front of the window. The front will be the section closest to the side mirror. Many manufacturers place the logo at the end of the deflector. Check your instruction manual if you are unsure.

Remove the adhesive tape.

Insert the front of the deflector closest to the side mirror, sliding it into the rubber channelling.

Slide the end of the wind deflector into the top, pressing up into the rubber channelling and in toward the rear corner.

Press the wind deflector inside the rubber channelling to ensure the adhesive tape is firmly seated along the length of the entire window.

Close and open the window carefully numerous times to ensure that the top of the wind deflector is firmly and tightly seated in the rubber channel.

Close the window for 24 hours for optimal results after installation. This will allow time for the adhesive to set inside the rubber channelling.


  • Do not open the window for at least 24 hours.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not open the window for at least 24 hours.

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