How to Find a Song When I Only Know Part of the Lyrics

Updated July 20, 2017

If you have the lyrics of a song stuck in your head, but cannot recall its name, you can use the Internet to find the title. Although a general search engine can work, the most efficient way to find a song title is to use a website designed specifically for this task., and are among the many that contain song lyrics and a way to search their data by even a phrase or two from a song lyric.

Go to

Click on the "Advanced Search" button.

Type in the lyrics you know for the song you are trying to find.

Select the "Phrase" or "Scattered Words" bubble. If you know the exact lyrics are correct, choose "Phrase." Otherwise, select "Scattered Words" to generate a more broad selection of search results.

Click "Go" to generate search results. Browse through the results to find the song title that matches your lyrics.

Go to

Click "Lyrics."

Type in the lyrics you do know in the "Search" field.

Click "Search" to generate search results.

Go to

Type the lyrics you can remember in the "Search" field.

Click "Search" to generate search results.


Some other lyric search sites are Lyrster and eLyrics.

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