How to Upgrade My Rio 125 Lighting

Updated March 24, 2017

The Rio125 Aquarium from JUWEL Aquarium is equipped with an 80-centimetre-long High-Lite light unit and two, 28 watt Fluorescent light tubes. This standard lighting can easily be upgraded by installing the JUWEL Multilux light aystem. The new and improved JUWEL Multilux light system canopy offers twin T5 fluorescent tube output. It replaces by replacing the T8 fluorescent tubes with the latest T5 technology. The Multilux light aystem is a watertight system, which negates the need for cover glasses and thereby permits the maximum amount of light to penetrate the aquarium water. The lighting system is equipped with one High-Lite day tube and one High-Lite nature tube.

Unplug the electrical cord of the original light system canopy from the wall power supply.

Carefully remove the existing canopy from the aquarium and move it away from the tank so that you can work without hindrance.

Remove the two new T5 fluorescent light tubes from their cardboard packaging.

Wipe down each fluorescent tube with a clean cloth, to remove dust from packaging and transport.

Place the JUWEL Multilux light system on a work surface and lift the light weight lid.

Place one end of the first T5 fluorescent light tube into the right hand side socket adaptor. Position the opposite end of the fluorescent tube into the left hand socket and twist gently to secure. Repeat with the second T5 fluorescent light tube.

Lower the light weight hood and wipe off any dust from the canopy. Plug the light unit cord into the closest wall switch to test that the fluorescent light tubes are turning on.

Unplug the light unit and move it to the aquarium. Carefully place your new JUWEL Multilux light system canopy onto the aquarium.

Plug the Multilux light system canopy into the wall power supply and turn on.

Switch the Multilux light system on.

Things You'll Need

  • Rio 125 JUWEL aquarium
  • JUWEL Multilux light unit
  • Two T5 fluorescent light tubes
  • Clean cloth
  • Clean work surface
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