How to Change the Filter on an Electrolux Vacuum

Electrolux canister and upright vacuums use filters to protect the motor and also to keep dust from flying into the air when operating the vacuum. Electrolux recommends changing the filters every three to six months, depending upon how much you use the vacuum. Replacement filters are available at appliance repair shops and Electrolux authorised dealers. Changing the filter on an Electrolux depends on which type of vacuum you own. The canister type only uses a motor filter, while the uprights use a combination of motor and air filters.

Push down on the upper tab of the front cover with your fingers. Pull the top of the front cover froward and lift up to reveal the dust bag. Grab the bag by the upper collar and pull it off the vacuum cleaner port. Dispose of the bag if it is full.

Find the tab on the lower right of the bag housing next to the motor filter grate. Pull the tab up and push the filter grate to the left. Lift the filter grate off and pull out the motor filter. Install a new motor filter and press the grate over the filter until it snaps secure.

Pull the tab on the right side of the clear filter cover below the bag housing. Open the clear filter cover and pull the tabs on the other side out of the front of the vacuum.

Grab the filter tab with your fingers and pull out the filter. Install a new filter into the opening until it is flush with the front of the opening.

Line up the clear cover tabs with the slots on the front of the vacuum. Insert the tabs into the slots and push the right side against the vacuum until it snaps shut.

Install a new bag into the vacuum, ensuring the collar is over the bag port. Align the bottom tabs on the front cover with the slots on the top of the clear filter cover. Insert the tabs into the slots and press the top of the front cover against the vacuum until it snaps shut.

Push in the hose release and pull the hose out of the front of the vacuum canister as if you were replacing the vacuum bag. Press the lid release latch on the front of the canister and open the lid.

Pull the bag holder straight out of the vacuum. Grasp the top of the filter holder at the rear of the bag compartment and pull it forward.

Lift the dirty filter out of the vacuum and insert a new filter. Press the filter holder back into place until it snaps secure.

Place the bag holder with the bag back inside the canister. The holder slides into a channel on each side and only goes in one direction.

Close the canister lid and push the vacuum hose back into the canister.

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