How to get a better signal for your phone

Written by crystal mercado | 13/05/2017
How to get a better signal for your phone
Improving your cell phone's signal can help you avoid frustrating situations. (lost-signal image by from

A low signal on your phone can lead to some pretty frustrating situations. You can drop calls at inopportune times, miss them altogether or have trouble using your phone's data features. To make sure your phone has the best reception possible, you'll need to begin avoiding any situation which could lead to a loss of signal.

Avoid dead-zones. Dead-zones are areas with heavy foliage, like forests; or densely built-up areas, especially where high-rise buildings proliferate. These obstacles can hinder the quality of a signal and negatively affect your cell phone's reception. You can also check to see what areas are dead-zones by using a dead-zone search site. A link to one is provided in the Resources section.

Check your cell phone's battery charge. When your battery charge is low, your phone may lose the ability to search for a decent signal. Charge your phone as soon as the battery indicator prompts you that the charge is too low.

Step outside if you're in a building. You can often fix your reception problem by just stepping outside of the building you're in. Building materials may make it difficult for your phone to get a decent signal. It is also often difficult for your phone to receive a signal when you are in an elevator.

Turn off any electrical appliances which could possibly disrupt your cell phone's signal. Examples of such appliances are microwaves, computers and power tools.

Change your mobile network provider. There may be another network provider which provides a stronger signal in your area. If you're not under a contract, your phone is unlocked or isn't registered to any specific provider, you should be able to switch your service for free. Otherwise, you may have to pay a fee to change provider.

Install a cell phone signal-booster or a signal repeater. A booster or a repeater will aid you in strengthening your phone's wireless signal.


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