How can I block incoming international calls?

Updated April 17, 2017

Many cell phone users pay for a monthly plan that includes various features and services. These monthly plans are usually domestic plans with domestic rates, though some of the features do operate with international calls. Since many U.S. companies use international firms for telemarketing services, and some U.S. companies sell marketing information to international companies, you might want to block incoming telemarketing calls that originate in another country.

Contact your cell phone service provider and request an international blocking plan. This means your phone will block calls made from another country.

Dial 69, which activates your call return feature. In some cases, the international phone number will be revealed. You must dial 69 right after receiving the international call. Once you have the phone number, dial *60 to block that specific international number from calling you again.

Trace an international call by dialling *57 right after the international call comes through. When the phone number is traced, it alerts local authorities and your telephone company. You can then formally request that the international phone number be blocked by your phone company.

Use a privacy director feature which does not allow any private, unknown, or unavailable phone numbers to ring through to your phone without announcing a name first. Once the person or business announces a name, you can accept or deny the caller.

Place an Anonymous Call Rejection on your phone. It automatically rejects restricted and anonymous calls, including international calls. Activate this feature by dialling 77 and deactivate it by dialling 87. If the caller wants to reach you, she must call back and reveal her number first.


Adding a universal call block for all international calls might inhibit friends and family from calling or texting you while they travel abroad.

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