How to get cigarette smell out of a car with an odour bomb

Updated July 20, 2017

The odour bomb is an odour-eliminating product, used in households and vehicles to combat undesirable smells. It is particularly effective in the closed environment of a car's cabin. Odour bombs release a fog of stench-fighting chemicals, removing the odour-causing particles that stick to the interior surfaces of a vehicle. This stale smoke smell can be particularly difficult and expensive to remove, typically requiring extensive interior washing and vacuuming. Odour bombs are a significantly less time-consuming and cheaper solution.

Place the Odour bomb canister on a flat surface inside the car.

Press and lock the valve on top of the canister. Promptly exit the vehicle, closing all doors and windows.

Keep the doors and windows closed and do not enter the vehicle for at least two hours, as this will interfere with the cleaning process.

Open the doors and windows to ventilate the vehicle for 30 minutes. Do not enter the vehicle until at least 30 minutes after you begin airing out the interior.

Start the engine and run the air conditioning system on the highest fan setting for a few minutes, until the smell from the odour bomb has sufficiently faded. Leave the doors to the vehicle open during this portion of the cleaning process.

Wipe all exposed hard surfaces in the vehicle with a damp cloth, including windows, panelling and seats.


Drive with the windows open and the fan on for a few minutes, in order to further ventilate the vehicle.

For extra care, consider wearing a face mask to reduce exposure to the odour bomb's chemicals.


Carefully read all instructions and warnings before using the product.

Do not inhale the fog that is released from the bomb. Use caution and exit the vehicle quickly after starting the odour elimination process. Avoid entering the vehicle until it has been fully ventilated.

Ensure the safety of children and pets by keeping them clear of the interior until the vehicle has been fully ventilated.

Things You'll Need

  • Odour bomb
  • Damp rag
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