How to Make Plastic Wind Spinners

Updated April 17, 2017

Homemade plastic wind spinners are a suitable craft project for families, schools and scout clubs. Not only do the wind spinners brighten up and add movement to yards and patio areas, but they also make use of trash, by recycling used plastic soda bottles. Hang your completed plastic wind spinner onto your favourite tree, and watch it twirl and dance with the wind.

Fill up half of the plastic bottle with water, give it a good shake and tip the water down the sink to ensure the inside of the bottle is clean. Peel of all of the labels on the outside of the bottle.

Wrap one length of coloured tape around the bottle to create a coloured ring. Repeat several times down the side of the bottle, until at least 50% of the bottle is covered with the coloured tape.

Measure the entire length of the bottle and divide by three, then mark the first, second and third section onto the bottle. The middle of the bottle (second marked section), will be used to create the spinning slices.

Wrap the tape measure around the start of the second (middle section), and use the pen to mark every 3/4 inches along the bottle. Place the rule vertically down the bottle at the start of each 3/4-inch mark and draw a line down the bottle to the end of the second section. Carefully use the craft knife to slice each 3/4-inch line.

Squish the bottle by pressing on the lid in a downward motion, until it is approximately 1/2 of its original size. There should now be lots of little strips which poke out from the bottle; pinch each strip in the middle to create a fold.

Fold the top of each strip to a 45-degree angle to the right, and fold the bottom of each strip to a 45-degree angle to the left. This will catch the wind and cause the spinner to twirl.

Unfold the paper clip, so that it is one long length. Hold the edge of the paper clip and light the other edge of the paper clip for 10 seconds using the flame from the lighter. Quickly push the paper clip through the centre of the bottle lid to create a hole.

Tie a double knot in the sting and thread it through the hole in the bottle cap. Hang from a tree branch.


Wind spinners can be further customised with stickers, ribbons, beads, embellishments, pipe cleaners and acrylic paints.


This project is great to make with kids, but ensure that only a responsible adult uses the craft knife and the lighter. Sliced plastic can have sharp edges, so handle the bottle with care. Plastic fumes can dangerous, make sure step 7 is completed in a well ventilated area.

Things You'll Need

  • Large plastic bottle
  • Coloured tape
  • Craft knife
  • Paper clip
  • String
  • Tape measure
  • Marker
  • Lighter
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