Instructions for a Spare Tire Cover for a Toyota Prado

Updated April 17, 2017

The Toyota Prado, also known as the Toyota Land Cruiser, is a small-sized SUV with its spare tire located on the rear hatch of the vehicle. These spare tires are covered with a spare tire cover that is stretched over the tire, giving the vehicle a clean look. The spare tire cover is then secured to the tire with two hooks to ensure that it does not come undone during any of your on- or off-road adventures.

Lay the spare tire cover out in front of you. Determine where the top of the cover is located by locating the two straps on the inside of the tire cover.

Tuck the lip of the top of the tire cover over and behind the spare tire.

Stretch the spare tire cover down and over the remainder of the tire.

Tuck the lip of the bottom of the tire cover behind the bottom of the tire.

Tuck the lips on the sides of the tire cover around the sides of the tire to cover the tire completely.

Reach behind the top of the spare tire and grab the hooks attached to the spare tire cover.

Attach these hooks to the rim of the spare tire. Repeat for the hooks on the bottom portion of the spare tire cover.

Use your hand to smooth out any wrinkles in the cover.

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