How to change a tyre on a BMW X3

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Knowing how to change the tyre on your BMW X3 could be the difference between getting home for dinner in time and calling out a breakdown service.

In the event of a flat tyre, the process of removing and fitting the spare tyre to get you back on the road is a job that someone with little or no car maintenance experience can complete.

Pull safely off the road on to a level surface, put the car in first gear, and then engage the handbrake. Turn the hazard lights on before checking the mirrors for oncoming traffic. When clear, leave the vehicle.

Open the boot and remove the vehicle jack and wheelnut wrench from underneath the floor cover. Place these items to the side.

Locate the spare wheel, mounted externally underneath the boot. There you will find a large bolt next to a handle sitting flat against the undercarriage.

Unscrew the spare tyre bolt, lift the handle and spin it as far left as it will move, which will release the spare tyre. Once released, lower the handle, dropping the spare tyre slowly towards the ground.

Unhook the spare tyre-retaining strap, completely freeing the spare tyre from the undercarriage and bring it over to the affected flat tyre.

Spin each of the wheelnuts securing the flat tyre half a turn with the wrench.

Find the recessed point on the subframe nearest the flat tyre underneath the BMW X3. BMW designed four points near each of the tyres for jacking up the vehicle.

Jack the wheel up until it is 7.5 cm (3 inches) off the ground before proceeding to completely unscrew and remove each of the nuts. Once unbolted, remove the flat tyre, place it off to the side and mount the spare tyre.

Tighten the wheelnuts in a diagonal pattern back on to the newly mounted spare tyre and lower the jack until the tyre rests on the ground. Further tighten each of the nuts.

Stow the wrench and jack back into their floorboard compartment and place the flat tyre in the boot area.