How to Use Msvidctl in Visual Basic 6

Updated March 23, 2017

Visual Basic 6.0 is an application developed by Microsoft to allow developers and programmers to create Windows-based computer software. Msvidctl is a video control that comes part of the DirectX 9.0 package. The control uses the Msvidctl.dll dynamic link library to add streaming video to a Visual Basic project. Add the Msvidctl component before playing around the settings to assign the video to stream, the type of controls to add and other playback options.

Open your project in Visual Basic 6. Click on "File" and then "Open Project." Navigate to the folder that the project is saved in on the "Existing" page. Click on it and then click on "Open." If you are doing this to a new project, click on "File" and then "New Project" instead.

Right-click on the "Toolbox" and then click on "Choose Items." Click on the "COM Components" tab in the "Customize Toolbox" dialogue box. Click on "MS TV Video Control" and then click "OK." You can now access the control from the Toolbox.

Click on the "Toolbox" to open it and then click on "MS TV Video Control." Click anywhere on the main window to add it to the form or page.

Switch to code view to do with the control as you see fit using the Visual Basic programming code and Video Control methods. To see a list of methods that you can do with the Video Control, see the link in the Resources section.

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