Installation Guide for a Belkin Range Extender

Updated July 20, 2017

Range extenders take the signal from your existing wireless network and retransmit them to cover a larger area. The Belkin Range Extender can be used with wireless devices from other vendors and features plug and play installation for a streamlined set-up process. The one touch "Auto Connect" button on the range extender's body allows you to quickly connect to your network and configure the device to your network.

Place the Belkin Range Extender next to your wireless router.

Insert the power supply cord into the back of the Range Extender and plug it into a wall outlet. Make sure the "Power" and "Wireless" LED are illuminated and the "Searching" LED is blinking.

Press the "Auto Connect" button on the rear of the range extender for at least 10 seconds. Release the button and the range extender will automatically configure to your wireless network.

Unplug the range extender and reposition it in between your wireless router and the area where you want to extend coverage. Reconnect it to an electrical socket to complete the installation.

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