Instructions for Putting Up a Halfords Dome Tent

Updated July 18, 2017

The dome tent is a popular design of the conventional camping tent. Dome tents vary in size depending on the sleeping capacity. The dome shape prevents rainwater from pooling around the top of your tent. Halfords specialises in outdoor products ranging from tents to sleeping bags and air beds. The company says its dome tent features a simplistic design that can be constructed in 10 minutes or less.

Remove the components of the Halfords dome tent from the carrying case. Move any rocks or jagged objects that could potentially damage the fabric of your Halfords tent. Identify the body of the dome tent which features a waterproof material. Lift two corners to unroll the body of the tent.

Identify the poles of the Halfords dome tent which feature an elastic connecting cord. Construct each of the tent poles by fastening together the identical pieces. Examine the top of your dome tent to find the pole sheaths. Place one pole into each row of sheaths. Locate the plastic hooks found beneath the pole sheaths.

Place the hooks around the tent poles. Insert the ends of the fibre glass poles into the circular rings found at the base of the tent. Locate the guy ropes that have been fastened onto the corners of the tent body. Stretch each of the guy ropes away from the tent.

Find the steel stakes that have been included with the components of the tent. Place one steel stake through each loop of the guy ropes. Locate a large rock near your camping site. Use the rock to pound each of the stakes into the dirt.

Tighten the guy ropes with the adjustment pieces to stabilise the tent. Identify the straps that have been fastened around the base of the tent. Place one steel stake through each of the straps. Use the rock to pound each of the stakes into the dirt.

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