How to Reset MP600 Canon Ink Cartridges

The Canon PIXMA MP600 is a multi-function, high-quality photo printer. Like all ink printers, it uses cartridges specifically designed to work with its hardware. Canon calls these cartridges "ink tanks" and this particular machine uses five of them. When the ink level in any of the tanks runs low, the MP600 displays a status message indicating which ink tank is low and will need replacement soon. It will stop printing entirely if the ink tank runs dry. Replace an ink tank when it runs dry and the printer should automatically reset ink level readings.

Open the paper output tray on the top of the Canon MP600. You should be able to do this easily by putting your finger in the rounded indent on the tray and lifting gently.

Raise the printer cover, making sure that the machine is on. The printer head carriage will automatically move to the centre of the machine.

Pull down to open the inner cover and expose the ink tanks. Be careful not to touch any metallic parts of the machine.

Confirm which tank or tanks need replacement; the small LED under an empty tank will be flashing.

Remove the empty tank by pressing the tab underneath it and lifting the ink tank up and out of the printer.

Prepare and insert the new ink tank. To do this, remove all packaging and pull off the protective orange tape, making sure not to touch electrical contacts with your fingers. Press the front end of the tank into the slot and snap it firmly into place. The red light under the tank should light up. Be sure you replace the same colour tank that you removed. The ink tanks should be in this order, from left to right: Black 8, Black 5, Yellow 8, Magenta 8 and Cyan 8.

Close the inner cover, the printer cover, and the paper output tray. Wait for the machine to finish its automatic printer head cleaning. After this process has cycled, the ink tanks have been reset and the device should operate normally.


If the printer displays an error message after you install a new ink tank, make sure you installed the right colour in its correct place. If you continue to have problems that are not resolved with verifying correct installation of the ink tanks, contact a Canon service representative to determine if there is damage to the machine.


Do not insert used ink tanks or incompatible ink cartridges, as this could damage your printer.

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