Tips & Tricks for the Garmin Nuvi 205W

Updated February 21, 2017

The Garmin Nuvi 205W global positioning system tells you how to get to your destination using either a map-guided navigational system or voice prompts. After setting up your new device, you may wonder about extra features that you can use to improve the efficiency of your Nuvi. Navigating a few simple steps and manoeuvring through the different menus will have you operating your Nuvi like a pro in little time.

Conserving Battery Life

You can conserve battery life by dimming your Nuvi's display. The display's controls can be accessed by touching "Tools" from your Nuvi's main menu with your finger. On the following screens, touch "Settings," then "Display" and then "Brightness," and use your finger to to reduce the backlight level to a less bright state. A dim backlight will conserve battery life.

Adding to Your Favorites

Places that are frequently navigated or that you like visiting can be saved by adding their coordinates to your "Favorites." Use one of two methods to save locations. From your current location, touch "Save Location." From the "Map" page, or if you've found a place that you would like to save, press "Go!," "Save" and then "OK." Both methods will save the location under your "Favorites" menu, which you can access by pushing "Where To?" and then "Favorites." You'll then be prompted to select your destination from the list provided.

Adding Custom Points of Interest

Load Custom Points-of-Interest (POIs) to your Nuvi to make your trips more interesting. Open Internet Explorer on your computer by double-clicking its icon. Select the address field with your mouse and type in the address: Double click the "POI (Points-of-Interest) Loader" and the process of installing the "POI Loader" onto your computer will begin.

Various companies on the Internet offer Custom POIs for download. Once you've downloaded your Custom POIs, install them on your Nuvi by accessing the "POI Loader" and following the onscreen prompts. You can access your Custom POIs by touching the "Where To?" screen, touching "Extras" and then selecting "Custom POIs."

Deleting Custom POIs

If you need to delete Custom POIs from your Nuvi, connect your Nuvi to your computer via the USB cord, then click and open the "Garmin/POI" folder either within the memory card icon or the Nuvi icon. Select and delete the file "poi.gpi" by either clicking, dragging and dropping the file into the trash or right-clicking and selecting "Delete".

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