Instructions for a Yale Lock

Written by garvin david boyle | 13/05/2017
Instructions for a Yale Lock
Yale deadbolt locks enhance home security. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Yale manufactures a variety of locks for different purposes. Generally, Yale locks come with instructions specific to the make and model of lock purchased, which should be followed carefully during installation. A common type of Yale lock is the deadbolt lock, ideal for home security purposes.

Find the hole on the edge of the door and, holding the latch bolt so that the button is positioned facing downwards, thread the latch bolt into place.

Fasten the latch securely to the door using the screws supplied with the lock.

Place the exterior face of the cylinder, marked with the Yale insignia, on the outside of the door, ensuring it is positioned such that the key will enter the cylinder with the notched, uneven edge facing upwards.

Insert the lock cylinder blade through the slot in the latch.

Slide the cylinder interior onto the lock cylinder tailpiece on the door's interior. Ensure that the button is vertical on the plate and that the thumb-latch points line up.

Screw the cylinders together with the supplied machine screws and tighten them.

Rotate the latch to ensure that the latch bolt is functioning.

Things you need

  • Screwdriver

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