How to Repair a Dyson DC07 Vacuum Cleaner

Updated February 21, 2017

The Dyson DC07 is the company's cyclone vacuum cleaner recommended for carpeted floors. Repairing the Dyson machines does not require any tools beyond a coin to twist screws, a long-handled brush to remove blockages and replacement belts, if necessary. Always check to see if your warranty is still in effect and to determine if any of your attempted repairs will void that warranty.

Turn off the Dyson and unplug it. If the machine is clogged, it may overheat. This cancause it to automatically turn off. Let the machine cool off before you begin searching for clogs.

Remove the dirt canister by grasping the handle, pressing the release button and pulling it out of the machine.

Press the yellow wand release button at the base of the machine behind where the dirt canister was.

Pull the wand out of the machine. Look inside the hose for blockages. Clear any blockages with a long-handled brush. Replace the wand.

Unlock the U-bend airway inspection pipe by twisting the yellow screw to the unlocked position with a coin.

Pull out the U-bend airway inspection. Look inside the pipe to see if there are any blockages. Remove the blockages with a long-handled brush. Replace the U-bend airway inspection.

Remove the airway inspection valve on the right side of the machine by squeezing the valve release buttons.

Check the airway inspection valve for any blockages. Remove with a long-handled brush. Replace the airway inspection valve.

Position the vacuum cleaner so you can see the bottom of the foot of the machine. Remove the soleplate by unlocking the yellow fastener screws with a coin.

Remove dirt, lint and hair from around the brush bars. Use scissors to clip the blockages. Replace the soleplate.

Replace the dirt canister.

Turn the machine on its side so you can access the bottom of the foot of the machine. Remove the soleplate by unlocking the yellow fastener screws with a coin.

Remove the brush bar and the broken belt. Throw away the belt.

Loop one end of the replacement belt around the brush bar and push the other end through the feeder hole.

Press the brush bar back into place. Loop the other end of the belt around the spindle. You may need to use needle nose pliers to grab the belt.

Replace the soleplate by twisting the screws to the locked position.

Things You'll Need

  • Long-handled brush
  • Coin
  • Replacement belt
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