How to Reveal a Restricted Number

Updated April 17, 2017

Restricted, private and anonymous phone numbers can create a problem for those who receive the calls. Caller identification does not automatically reveal either of these types of numbers. Usage codes are set by telephone companies and allow the person receiving the calls to prevent or allow delivery of incoming calls. The codes also activate and deactivate the features on telephones. In many cases, dialling these specific usage codes can reveal restricted phone numbers.

Activate your call return feature by dialling the *69 usage code. You must dial this usage code right after the restricted phone number calls, because dialling this code identifies the last incoming call.

Trace the last number that called by dialling the *57 usage code. Once you input the code, it traces the call you received last.

Place the Anonymous Call Rejection feature on your phone. This feature rejects restricted numbers so that those numbers do not ring through. In order for the caller to reach you, he must reveal the restricted number. To turn this feature on, dial the 77 usage code, and to turn it off, dial 87.

Contact your telephone service provider to add a privacy director feature. You must have the caller identification feature to enable privacy director. The caller must vocally announce a name so that the user can accept or reject the restricted number. If the caller does not announce a name, then the call does not ring through.


Some restricted numbers are international telemarketing agencies that are nuisance calls. So, research the restricted number before calling it and ending up on another international call list.

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