How to Bar the Laces on Converse

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How to Bar the Laces on Converse
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Bar-laced Converse shoes look neat because the shoelaces run straight across opposed to on the diagonal. This variant of straight lacing reduces pressure on the foot's top ridge because it eliminates underlying diagonal laces. Start with a pair of Converse shoes that have an even number of eyelet holes in each shoe, because the laces make an even number of passes across each shoe. If your Converse shoes do not have an even number of eyelet holes, leave the top pair of holes empty.

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  1. 1

    Place the laces across the toe area on the Converse shoes and push the lace tips down into the front two eyelet holes. Pull the tips of the laces snug. If you have flat laces and the part of the lace between the eyelet holes is twisted, smooth it down flat. Work the twist out of the lace and out through the eyelet hole by turning the loose part of the lace in the opposite direction. If your laces are round, it will not matter if they are twisted.

  2. 2

    Pull the lace on the instep side of the Converse shoe up one eyelet hole. Push the tip of the lace up through the shoe.

  3. 3

    Pull the lace on the outer edge of the shoe up two eyelet holes. Push the lace's tip up through the eyelet hole.

  4. 4

    Pull both laces until they are snug. When you look at the Converse after this step, you should see one bar of shoelace straight across the pair of eyelets closest to the shoe's toe. The loose ends will be coming out of the next two sets of holes but will look uneven.

  5. 5

    Take the lace end on the instep side and draw it straight across to the first empty eyelet hole. Push the lace's tip down into the hole and pull the lace until it is snug. When you look at the shoe now there will be two completed bars and two lace ends on the same side. The top lace end will be coming out of the shoe's surface while the lower lace end will be coming out from inside of the shoe, just above the tongue.

  6. 6

    Pick up the loose end of the lower lace and take it to the next empty eyelet hole on the same side. Poke the lace's tip up through the eyelet hole and draw the lace snug.

  7. 7

    Draw both laces straight across the shoe to the eyelet hole directly across. Push both tips down through the eyelet hole. Take the lower lace to the next empty eyelet hole. Repeat until you get to the last pair of eyelets. The last trip across will be with only one lace. If your Converse shoes have an uneven number of eyelet holes, do not lace the top pair of holes.

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