How to Lay River Rocks

River rocks make a simple, beautiful addition to your landscaping. The smooth, round stones add drainage and give a polished look to your flower bed, fence, garden or walkway. Aside from their practicality and natural beauty, another benefit of river rocks is that you can save money by gathering them yourself. Laying river rocks is a labour-intensive -- but not necessarily complicated -- process.

Remove any grass and weeds in the area where you wish to lay the river rock. Break up the soil with a small tiller. Using a shovel, dig a 3-inch-deep path of your desired length and width.

Roll a tarp or landscape fabric over the area where you will lay the river rock. Overlap the fabric so that all seams are completely covered.

Cover the landscape fabric with river rocks. If your pathway is narrow -- such as for a flower bed border -- stabilise the rocks by pressing them individually into the layer of fabric and soil. If your fabric covers a large area, scoop the rocks and lay them over the fabric, levelling the ground.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Tarp or woven landscape fabric
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